Meet the Aminos


  • Favorite food: kale
  • Real favorite food: chocolate ice cream
  • Guilty pleasure: 1980’s power ballads
  • Nutrition area of focus: clinical nutrition, chronic disease prevention and management, weight-neutral counseling, health equity
  • Favorite movie: High Fidelity

How Julian describes Molly: “A true nutrition professional is a great communicator, an empathetic listener, a fierce advocate, and a knowledgeable educator. Molly fits this description perfectly. Add in her biting wit and incredibly sense of humor, and you have one heck of a friend as well.”


  • Favorite food: brussel sprouts
  • Real favorite food: macaroni & cheese
  • Hidden talent: can juggle 5 avocados…without dropping them
  • Nutrition area of focus: adolescent & pediatric nutrition; type 1 diabetes mellitus; health at every size, eating disorders & disordered eating; an anti-diet, body positive approach to nutrition counseling and recommendations
  • Hobbies: continuing the hunt for the best donut in seattle, and hiking throughout the PNW

How Molly describes Lauren: “Lauren lights up every room she’s in. Smart and driven, she cares deeply about the people in her life and will fight for anything she’s passionate about.”


  • Favorite food: asparagus
  • Real favorite food: any type of bread
  • Guilty pleasure: rom coms
  • Nutrition area of focus: community health, older adult nutrition, and physical activity.
  • Hobbies: trying new craft beers and enjoying any PNW sport

How Lauren describes Julian: “Julian is wicked smart, compassionate, and incredibly humble. He’s robustly thoughtful about what he says and does, thereby ensuring that all perspectives and voices are heard and represented. He’s the friend and provider that I can and always will count on.”