Episode 24: Introduction to Intuitive Eating [show notes]

What would it look like to give ourselves permission to eat whatever we wanted? Would it look like foods that nourish our bodies or would we behave like literal kids in candy stores? Likely, a little of both. Tune into this episode on intuitive eating to find out why indulging your cravings isn’t such a bad thing.

Recommended Reads:

Privilege and Intuitive Eating: A Few Thoughts by Lore McSpadden [mentioned on the podcast]

What Happened with I Started Intuitive Eating by Kelsey Miller

Intuitive Eating is a Privilege by Amy Hanneke

Chew On This:

Julian: Peaches and nectarines [aka stone fruit] from Imperfect Produce

Molly: Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel for a beautiful foodie read

Lauren: Mountain House Freeze-Dried Lasagna for hikers out there wanting delicious freeze-dried meals!

Yoga Recommendations [reader question]:

Reader question: “In one episode Molly (I think) mentioned a yogaapp or iTunes channel. What is the name again? For this and for your fab podcast, big thanks from France! Keep up the good work!”


  • Yoga with Adrienne
  • Fightmaster Yoga

Cited Literature

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A systematic review of the psychosocial correlates of intuitive eating among adult women by Bruce and Ricciardelli [2015]

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